What is blog.How to start blog and beautiful website

Blogging is the best platform for the part time job there are totally low investment money and you can earn more money on regular basis. Toady as learn about how to start blog in this article.

What is blog, blogging and website

Blogging: Basically we are know website there are not more difference blogging and website. In this blogging are provide different material for learning , means daily update news material on different topic, so you can say blogging.

Website: The website has been making one time on your business and provide the the details are all about business.

How to start Blog: Very simple process you can start blog, so if you want start blog so require some details

There are more option started you can make blog or best platform on online income part time job. so required beautiful blog . that is beat option you can started with blogger and word-press there are two option you can start blog.

Blogger: The blogger is the best option blogging website you can easy to make website on blogger and customize , so now question how to make website on blogger.

So first of all you go to Official website on blogger and  login by gmail account after that you can create new blog

Start Blog

Now your successfully create blog on blogger so you can create new post or continue daily post on blog.

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