What is t-code and where are use t-code

t-code you can see in SAP( system ) or use to easy search any transaction function, if you want to use t code then you go directly function for better helpful t-code in sap. every program and function that is available for t-code you can used.

Where are use t-code- now we can see the details t- code step by step so you follow me .
  • MM03- This tcode you can see the details material specification that provide by details when opening item code
  • MMBE- here you can search material stock availability, indent quantity if PO generate,
  • ME51N- here you can create PR any related
  • ME52N- After create PR you can see the display and if requred any modification so this code you can easy modification here.
  • ME53N- here you can check ready of you PO and more detail, vendor, etc
  • ME21N- here you can create PO
  • ME23N- here to check PO display
  • ZPRINTPR- Here you take print after create PR
Mostly above t code you used to daily work of following t code , that is best searching fast material code you can use daily work. if any problem you can comment in box. I try to slove your questions.

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