What is FeedBurner How to Create Account FeedBurner

Hello Friends Today as very topic. What is FeedBurner and How to account create FeedBurner.

What is FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a free service providers for email subscriber is life time without money investment. You can use blogger and website .

How to create Account in FeedBurner

Simply guys you can create easy process. Follow me process step by step

Step-1  First of all you have to login gmail I'd in your browser of blogger account gmail I'd

Step-2 Then you search the FeedBurner in Google or click to www.Feedburner.com

Step-3 Now you copy the website url and paste here.

Step-4  click then next button

((Now you have to show the url of FeedBurner so you can copy url of paste in your Blog. in setting >user>site feeds.

And you can paste here> post feeds redirect url  then click SAVE button ))

Step-5 show the address source atom and Rss so now should be click atom then click next button

Step-6, after click the next button you can show the GIVE THE FEED TITLE and FEEDBURNER.COM address, so do not change now click the next

Step-7, Now see the message congratulations your account successfully create.

Step-8, Now click next time . Do not any option click only next .

Step-9, Now you go to PUBLICIZE or click then you go to EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION

Step-10, after click email Subscription button then you click on Active

 Congratulations || Now  your successfully create FeedBurner account and subscriber option . Now you can see the two html code so you have to first html code or paste here in blogger layout . you can choose.

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