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What is FeedBurner How to Create Account FeedBurner

  By Admin       Sunday, 11 February 2018

Hello Friends Today as very topic. What is FeedBurner and How to account create FeedBurner.

What is FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a free service providers for email subscriber is life time without money investment. You can use blogger and website .

How to create Account in FeedBurner

Simply guys you can create easy process. Follow me process step by step

Step-1  First of all you have to login gmail I'd in your browser of blogger account gmail I'd

Step-2 Then you search the FeedBurner in Google or click to

Step-3 Now you copy the website url and paste here.

Step-4  click then next button

((Now you have to show the url of FeedBurner so you can copy url of paste in your Blog. in setting >user>site feeds.

And you can paste here> post feeds redirect url  then click SAVE button ))

Step-5 show the address source atom and Rss so now should be click atom then click next button

Step-6, after click the next button you can show the GIVE THE FEED TITLE and FEEDBURNER.COM address, so do not change now click the next

Step-7, Now see the message congratulations your account successfully create.

Step-8, Now click next time . Do not any option click only next .

Step-9, Now you go to PUBLICIZE or click then you go to EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION

Step-10, after click email Subscription button then you click on Active

 Congratulations || Now  your successfully create FeedBurner account and subscriber option . Now you can see the two html code so you have to first html code or paste here in blogger layout . you can choose.

Thanks for reading What is FeedBurner How to Create Account FeedBurner

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