How to setting on Blogger , Tutorial Part-2

Hello Friends we are know previous blogger tutorial How to create blogger  or what is advantage for blogger. If you not see my previous post you can see again
Blogger Tutorial Part1
 now Today as Learn what is setting of blogger This is most important for blogger or website because ranking for your website.  That means says SEO(  SEARCH ENGIN OPTIMIZATION )

Now Strat the producers explain step by step

Step.1- You go to blogger or login with gmail I'd
Step.2- You go to setting on blogger or click the basic

So see the this type images

Step.2- Title _ Means You write the website title name

Step.3- Description-  write the about your website description means which type of blog reletate, what is provide on your Blog.

Step-4, Pravicy- Should be YES both option of pravicy.

 Step-5 blog address- Do not change blog address name, you are change only after purchase purchase domain name we are provide next post

Step-6, HTTPS- https availability-Yes
                            https redirect- Yes

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