How to page setup on blogger, Tutorial Part-3

Hello Friends we learn making blogger account and setting of blogger. in previous post. Now today as Learning about what is Pasge why page is required on blogger. This is most important require for blog . For searching different post item material

Now start the producers step by step

Step-1, you go to login on blogger

Step-2 , after login you see the left side Colum you can see PAGE or click here on page

Step-3,  you select new page option

Step-4, choose your name as per require for website.  That is about us, Pravicy, contact us.

Step-5,  write the Description in pages as per relatete your pages.

Step 6- after write the Description you can select all page then click here public button

* How can added page on your Blog

This is very simple method guys after public you are go to layout on your blogger home page.

Step-7 click the layout .After click you see here some layout icon . First of all you choose the where are you putting on page in blog if you choose side bar then you click add side

Step 8- select the add a gadget.  After click you can see some gadget option then you go to only page

Step 9- select the page . After click you can see page of you. Then select all

Step-10, select the all page . Then click here save button.

Now going to automatically layout so then you click SAVE ARRANGEMENT.

Now your page is sucessfully update. You can check on your Blog /website

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