How to gain traffic on blog ans blogger SEO

How to Gain Traffic on your Blog, Website
Hello Friends Today as very interesting topic This is most important require for traffic on your website. Then you can gain automatically  increase Aelxa ranking on your  website But before your should be good content, best topic.
Now I am going to main topic

* First of all you have to seach in Google web master tools but should be required login on blogger then you have to search-  Google Search Console (previous was name web master tools)
 So you can this type image 

* you go to Add a property or click here 
* Then enter your website name or click add
* Go to manage property or click here
* you see the add and remove so you click this icon

* Now go to message click here
*Now click here - improve the search presence of _(website name_)
* Now click add a site
*click here manage property
* click here add or remove users
* click here meta tag if not found keyword you can search any
* you can receive some html code so now you copy this code  or then you go to blog in themes and click here html. Now click here in your HTML coding any were. Or press the CTL+F means for searching any particular name as per require.

Now you have to search <head> after you have to found head  then click here enter.
And Then press the button CTL+V
Should be required past below the head tag.
Now you go to return web master tool  or click here very then now continue .

Now your website is successfully SEO complete.

I hope this content is very helpful. If any problems you can comment in box.

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