How to aadhaar verified to OTP with mobile Dail- 14546


That is Indian  government policy aadhaar is most important update before 31-March-2018. How can update aadhaar number. You can update easy way please see details step by step. So I am providing process of how to update aadhar verified to OTP with mobile at easy way. This process is best way process verification by OTP with mobile.

Step-1_ Dial in your mobile - 14546 Or follow by instructions.

Step-2_  after read you can type Aadhaar number on your screen.

Step-3,  after type your aadhaar.  You found OTP on your register aadhaar number then you can type OTP on your screen

Step-4, Now you received successfully after some time.

I hope you  successfully update aadhaar if This producers help you so can comment in box and Like and share.

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