Are you know words of meaning blogger

Hello Friends Today as we are know about  meaning blogger some points or what is advantage.

Post: What is post . Here you can write new post or always keep here your old post.

Stats: here show all search traffic on your Blog

Overview: you can see the traffic graph you can choose one day, weekly, monthly, and all time , you can the all vist person day wise , and traffic sources, post.

Stats: Post: you see the post related number of pageview

Traffic sources: here you can see the traffic sources means where from coming sources pageview in social media.

Audience: Means which country your Blog show pageview. also which is Browsers and operating system.

Eraning: There are show given for adsence to active or not. If you want to show ads on blog then you click yes. If you click no so not show the ads on your Blog. And also you have to choose three type way ads on blog. That is 1.display ads show below my post and side bar, 2. Display ads below my post only. 3.Display ads show my side bar only as per your which type require ads show on your Blog  will be better.

Pages: There you can create page for on your Blog for uses then you can publish.

Layout: Layout in this you can uses modify for ads , side bar , change any name lebal, means you can modify as per looking like your website.

Themes: This is most important themes for blog ya you can say template.  There you change themes looking nice . If your choose pad template and free template as your choose.

Setting: after create you bog this is necessary you should modify setting. I'm already post about setting how to change setting. You can see old post.

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